August 20, 2013 8:59 pm

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Should kids playing in the Little League World Series get paid?

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There has been a lot of talk lately about paying college football players in wake the of the Johnny Manziel autograph scandal. Some brokers have come out and said thay they paid Manziel thousands of dollars in return for his signature. The NCAA has been making millions and billions of dollars off college football players and athletes. It is only right to pay the kids something in return for their service. Yeah people can make the argument that they get a free education and all that, but not all schools cost the same and therefore isn't really costing the school or its sponsor that much money. Now I think people should ask themselves "should kids playing in the Little League World Series get paid"? Little League Inc is a non-profit organization according to its federal tax returns, but after last year they had profited 2.8 million dollars on 24.5 million dollars in revenue. It finished the year with $78.5 million in assets. ESPN is paying 4 million dollars to air all 32 games of the Little League World Series and in return ESPN knows that it can sell advertisement during these games and easily recoup the 4 million dollars and even make more. It is not right for a network to be able to make so much money off little kids and for them to get nothing in return. Yes, Little League does pick up the travel expenses for the teams, but that isn't enough in our society today. The kids should get paid something for their service even though it is a honor to play in the World Series, but they worked extremely hard for it. I believe the kids should get paid, but not be able to touch the money until they are considered an adult in their state. In Georgia a 17 year old is considered an adult and thats when the kid should be able to touch the money. They should pay all the kids the same amount along with the coaches since they are all in it together. Times are changing and people need to stop getting run over or taken advantage of.

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